Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 Unannounced Exclusives for the Xbox 360

If you take a long and a deep look in to Xbox 360’s line up for 2011, the only well known franchise isGears of War 3. The rest are either Kinect games or new IP’s which we are not sure how they will turn out. 
Through this feature we take a look ten such games which we believe will be announced soon and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360


Halo 4

Ok, we already know that a Halo 4 is lying under the wraps somewhere and my bet is that it is going to be announced at this year’s E3. It is a well known fact that 343 Industries and not Bungie are actually working on the same. Half a year ago one of our editors spotted the CV of   Paul Ehreth, one of the employees of 343 Industries which states that he is working on the next Halo project. I am not sure how Halo will be without Bungie, but one thing is for sure the impact will be large.


  1. Cool! That's really awsome!

  2. Halo has always been exclusive to xbox...ainnit?

  3. I wonder how many Halos there will be

  4. I hate Halo!

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