Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Microsoft Welcome’s Geohot With Open Arms, Looking Forward To A WP7 Jailbreak

The guys behind the iPhone and most recent Sony PS3 jailbreaks are tired of the threats of lawsuits by Apple and Sony. The Geohot team has suggested that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is the last bastion of hope.


  1. Every company seeks to protect its intellectual rights, but every time someone from one of these companies tries to stop the progression of understanding human technological advancement takes a step backwards. It really is the user that pushes consumer electronics to its limit and finds the next level of application.

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  2. That's cool of Microsoft to embrace that hacks will happen rather than pretend they can't, or something.

  3. I agree with Particle Man, if your product is being jailbroken, then your users don't believe that it is being used optimally. That is why I jailbroke my Iphone because I wanted alternatives/options rather than being pigeon-held by ridiculous corporate standards that only benefit themselves. Following and Supporting as always, -